Wheatland Presbyterian 1858

The roots of Wheatland Presbyterian Church can be found in the Scottish settlement known as Tamarack in Wheatland Township. Descendants of Scottish covenanters from Ayrshire called this area home and almost immediately went about establishing their “kirk.” Eighteen members from nine families first met in 1848 in the front room of Stephen Findlay’s home for worship, eventually building their first house of worship in 1856. The current sanctuary, listed as a Will County Landmark, was built in 1906, and its tall steeple still beckons to those in search of God in a modern world full of complexity and distraction.

Wheatland Presbyterian Church
Photo courtesy of the Edward Strope photo collection

Considering our long history, Wheatland Presbyterian has been one of the few constants in an ever-changing landscape. The original prairies were replaced by farmland, and many of the farms have now become subdivisions. While some current members can trace their history directly to those early families, our congregation has changed along with the landscape with recent members hailing from as far as Columbia and Cameroon. The doors of Wheatland Presbyterian Church are open to all.